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Review of George Soros, In Defense of Open Society

Review of George Soros, In Defence of Open Society, Public Affairs, Hachette Book Group Inc, 2019.

The name of George Soros is once again in the news. Mr. Soros has stirred up a lot of trouble over the years, but he probably doesn’t even know about half the accusations that are being thrown at him. Even President Trump has helped to spread the rumours. Although Mr. Soros has been a relentless self-promoter for more years than most of the population has been alive, the current conspiracies are unlikely to have any connection with him.
What is the real George Soros all about? His books give us some clues.
Soros has written many books and in 2019, published In Defense of Open Society. I find Soros and his books to be inspiring and intelligent, wiley and naive, irritating and fascinating.
George Soros is one of those last remaining larger-than-life characters from the 20th century. He has had an astounding career spanning continents, a World War, and the falling of the Iron Curtain in Europe.…