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Showing posts from June 10, 2020

Have You Done Your Spring Mortgage Check Up Yet?

Hot weather is here, but a lot of us have put off some basic Spring maintenance. It looks like some people won’t even be taking their winter tires off this year! 
Spring is the perfect time for your annual mortgage health check-up. You do this, don’t you? Review your debt position each year? What amounts do you owe? Are you paying at the right intervals, given your current income flow? How does your interest rate compare to what is available on the market? 
And most importantly, what is your plan for renewing your mortgage? This might be the time if your current interest rate is far above what might be available to you. Mortgage interest rates are at historic lows right now.  If your mortgage is due in six months or less, it is time to start working on your new mortgage plan.
If your financial well is running dry this Spring due to the Covid-19 economic shutdown, don’t just hope for the best. Be proactive. Call me for a confidential conversation about your circumstances and we can look t…