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Review of Big Business: A Love Letter to an American Anti-Hero by Tyler Cowen, New York: St. Martin´s Press, 2019

Tyler Cowen is an American economist who teaches economics at George Mason University. In 2011, he was ranked at number 72 among the ¨Top 100 Global Thinkers¨ by Foreign Policy Magazine. He has written admired books. David Brooks called Cowen one of the most influential bloggers on the right¨. 
Predictably, I wrinkled up my nose when I saw the title for this book, ¨Big Business: A Love Letter to an American Anti-Hero¨. How could a respected economist, even a ´right-wing' economist, write a love letter to big business?
It turns out that this is a winsome and irenic look at American big business. The book is pleasant, easy to read, and not over-long. I wondered if the easy feel of the book was an intended rebuke to the dense tomes of French, left-wing´ superstar economist Thomas Piketty?
Cowen complains that a lot of Americans do not like big business: young people, Bernie Sanders supporters (!), the Media (and Social Media), ordinary Americans, Trump Supporters and the Conservative Ri…