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Detroit is bankrupt?

From time to time, I cross the border into the United States through Detroit.

To the stranger, the city is not a place to stop for gas, take a meal, or visit after dark. 
The stranger thinks that this is a bad place to live, work, or start a business. 
For the stranger, Detroit is a place to leave.
The stranger sees a Detroit that is violent, impoverished, on the river, and across from Canada. A sprawling, empty, former boomtown with a scattered remnant. A city separated by race, black and white, and many others. Hundreds of thousands of poor people, surrounded by better-off suburban citizens. 

Right-wingers hate its unions. Left-wingers hate its history of rapacious capitalists and corrupt governments. The few rich fear the poor and the many poor resent the rich.

Its abandoned public buildings, factories, and burned out houses are emotionally devastating and yet, for the indifferent observer, romantic in their tragedy.

But then there are those who love Detroit, have roots there, and see its…